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      Summer car care tips

      Long exposure to the sun can wear out your car.

      Sun rays dull your paint job, so you want to make sure you polish your car.

      Leave the polish on until it's dry and under a covered area, this will protect your paint.

      Don't forget the inside of your car.

      Chad Robillard, a Detailer at Auto Armor Auto Spa, says use a detail protectant on the dash and console to help prevent cracking.

      "People are spending more and more on vehicles these days. To protect your investments, it's a good idea to keep up on these different care items," said Robillard.

      You should also use a window visor and seat covers, but it doesn't end there.

      Make sure your tire pressure is at the right level.

      Michael Vrooman writes, "Watch the condition of belts and hoses. Hot weather is very hard on them."

      Keep all the fluids and oils filled. Including your coolant and antifreeze, which keeps your engine from overheating.

      Check to make sure nothing is blocking your radiator, as that can obstruct the flow of air into the car.

      Doug Young, a technician at Fox Negaunee says any blockage can cause your car to overheat.

      "It can ruin the engine, which is going to cost you thousands to repair. So you want to make sure your cooling system is working right. Keep an eye on the gauges or warning lights if you just have the lights. It's pretty important stuff," said Young.