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      Summer Ski Jumps

      In the middle of the summer the last thing you might think about is skiing, but that's just how the Ishpeming Ski Club passes the hotter months of the year.

      In fact, they host ski jumping clinics at the suicide bowl ski jump facility.

      The Ishpeming ski club hosts three sessions one in June, July and in August.

      The clinics are completely free and open to all ages, and all equipment and instruction is provided by the club.

      Although the clinics are open to all ages, the club typically sees kids anywhere ages five through their early teenage years.

      Though the goal is to learn how to ski jump, the club says the most important thing is to have fun.

      "The'll learn jumping, we'll have them jumping over hurdles to get them up in the air. Once they get on the skis and on the plastic they'll learn about timing, when to jump, to get the best jump possible. They'll improve their skiing, but most of all they'll have fun" said instructor Dick Ziegler

      The sessions meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.