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      Summer skiing

      When you think of skiing, most people think of snow and the winter months. Skiing isn't just for winter, however, as one group of athletes is proving to audiences twice a week. Though they may look young, don't let appearances deceive you. These water-skiers take their sport very seriously. For over forty years, the Badwater Ski-Ters have been wowing crowds with their free shows.

      It takes a lot of dedication to be a part of this group, which means that the members often give up most of their summers perfecting their routines.

      "Practice, practice, practice," said ski club member Mark Michaud. "It's pretty much every day."

      The Ski-Ters put on a show of professional quality, with everything from solo skiers to their ballet line to high-flying jumping action.

      Members of the ski team get involved for a number of reasons.

      "Some of it's a big adrenaline rush, and you meet new people. You get new friends from other schools," explained Halee Martin, one of the skiers.

      The club is funded completely by donations, which have been steady, despite some tough economic times around the area.

      "We actually didn't expect it to be as good as it has been," Michaud said. "Our community is very generous to us as a club, and we really appreciate it."

      For some skiers, it could be a start to bigger and better things, such as twin skiers, Adam and Brett Michaud.

      "Making a career out of it would be hard, but yeah, that would be cool," Adam said.

      "Yeah, I'd like to ski professionally in Florida," Brett agreed.

      For now, however, they're content with sharing their talent with local crowds.

      You can catch the Ski-Ters twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at the Vagabond Park in Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.