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      Summer studying proves to be essential

      Learning may be the last thing on a student's mind in the summertime, but educators say it's essential.

      According to statistics provided by the Peter White Public Library in Marquette, staying on top of studies, specifically reading, is critical to a child's education.

      "There's tons of research to back up the fact that continuing to read throughout the summer keeps your skills up to speed and even improves them. It keeps kids ready to get back into the swing of things right away," said Peter White Public Library Teen Services Coordinator, Mary Schneeberger.

      They say a student can lose up to 25 percent of their reading level over the summer.

      Peter White Public Library knows just how important it is for kids to keep up with their summer reading. Other than the summer reading program for children, they offer another group for teens that allows them to come to the library and discuss books they've read this summer.

      The summer group also allows students to suggest books to other children.

      "I kind of just like losing myself in the plot and the book and being with the characters. When I read a book over again, it's like returning and meeting an old friend," said group participant Miranda Millen.

      Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency says variety is key when getting kids to read.

      "Make sure they have an abundance of things to choose from. If that means a collection at home, great. If that means the library, great. If that means e-books--sometimes we have students that are interested in reading on an iPad or a Kindle that don't necessarily like to sit with a traditional book," said MARESA Associate Superintendent Debra Asano.

      To learn about some of the programs that Peter White Public Library offers for children, click here.