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      Summer surveys help businesses with tourism

      Northern Initiatives in Marquette will again be conducting visitors surveys this summer. The surveys are conducted to assist tourism in rural towns in the far eastern and western U.P. The 2012 summer surveys will be conducted from July 16 to July 29 in many tourist hot spots like hotels, restaurants, and visitor centers. The short surveys ask for information about where visitors are from, why they're visiting, and for how long. Collected information helps tourism businesses better understand their guests and how to advertise to them.

      "I think what's really important is that they're getting closer to the market, they're getting stronger in their understanding of why people come, how they're using the internet to motivate their trips and get information about their travels," said Northern Initiatives Director of Regional Strategies, Christine Rector.

      More than 5,000 people took surveys from this past summer and winter.