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      Summer Youth Program at Michigan Tech

      Tenth grader Elizabeth Koning traveled over 500 miles to attend Michigan Techâ??s Summer Youth Program, Women in Engineering.

      Over 150 high school girls from across the country were awarded a $1,000 scholarship to spend the week learning all about engineering.

      â??I thought it sounded really fun and I could meet other girls who are also interested in science and engineering,â?? explained Koning.

      "I wanted to be an engineer before, and this really brought out the ideas and the different forms of it," added senior Rhiannon Meyer from Alpena, Michigan. "Now, I know a lot more about the different fields and I'm more comfortable with the fields."

      Girls heard from field experts and solved hands-on engineering projects in groups.

      â??Iâ??ve been in a boat-vehicle project that we created, and weâ??re starting to program it, and itâ??s going to go along a little course,â?? Koning said.

      They also learned about setting career goals and networking with other engineers.

      â??This is really good for networking and making friends later, even if they donâ??t go to this college or to a different one,â?? Meyer said. â??I could still, if I work in the field later, I may run into them.â??

      After their week at the Summer Youth Program, the girls said they leave learning not just about engineering, but they learn about themselves, too.

      â??At first, I really didnâ??t want to come here," Meyer said. "Then I got here, and I think, now Iâ??m really happy that I did this because Iâ??ve learned a ton about engineering and about my people skills, and I think itâ??s really, really great."