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      Summerfest included meat smoking competition

      Saturday in Crystal Falls marked the town??s first Summerfest, formerly Harvestfest, despite chilly temperatures.

      Antiques, food, and kids?? activities were all a part of the festival that brought out a good number of people. And though it was a bit rainy, it didn't stop the kids from having fun at their carpentry workshop, and it definitely didn??t stop competitors in the meat smoking contest.

      Paul Wenzel said he and his friends arrived in the early morning hours to get started. ??We started at 5:30; the meat was on at 6:00,?? said Wenzel. ??It's judged on appearance, what it looks like; it's judged on tenderness and the quality of the food, and what it tastes like.?? The meat smoking competition took place at three, and festivities continued throughout the rest of the day.