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      Sunny start to week for U.P.

      High pressure? We've got your high pressure right here.

      A high pressure center, located just off to our west today, is keeping things clear and sunny all across the Great Plains and into the Western Great Lakes, including the U.P. The only downside to the high being off to our west is that the clockwise flow around it will continue to funnel cool air in from the north-northeast. This means another day of below-average temperatures for us.

      Coolest spots will be right along Lake Superior, with southwestern locations getting near 60 this afternoon. Tonight will be another chilly evening, with temperatures dropping below freezing in the interior U.P., so be sure to protect any delicate plants you may have.

      Tomorrow will bring some improvement, though. As that high slides more to our north, the winds will be diminishing, and it will limit the flow of cooler air, so temperatures will be a bit milder. The temperatures will still be below average, just not as cool as today.

      Wednesday, however, will bring some changes and they will come from an unusual direction--the east. Get the details on that by heading over to the weather page .