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      Sunset cruise on Superior

      All aboard the Isle Royale Queen IV!

      The cruise that docks in Copper Harbor embarks late in the evening to give passengers a unique view of the sunset on scenic Lake Superior. Though some passengers have taken the 90-minute cruise before, others are experiencing it for the first time.

      â??Weâ??ve come to Copper Harbor, but weâ??ve never taken a cruise,â?? said Judi Smith from Brighton, Michigan. â??Weâ??ve never gone out on Lake Superior or seen the Keweenaw from this perspective, and itâ??s just such a wonderful sight.â??

      â??Weâ??ve been learning a lot about the area here, and we kind of fell upon the tour,â?? added Jason Bresette from Minneapolis, Minnesota. â??I just love hearing about the history of the area. Thereâ??s a lot of rich history here.â??

      Guided by Captain Don Kilpela, passengers hear the history of the harbor and surrounding landmarks. Some trips even get to see pieces of history up close.

      â??Weâ??re in the freighter lanes, so we have always had good chances of seeing freighters on our trip,â?? explained Kilpela.

      And when the sun sets over the chilly lake, most people just soak it all in.

      â??It always changes,â?? said Eagle River resident, Jessica Jones. â??Itâ??s always going to be different.â??

      â??Lake Superior skies are the most beautiful in the world, Iâ??ll tell ya,â?? Kilpela added.

      Though the cruises only run four nights a week, Kilpela said in an area that usually winds down early, it gives visitors and local residents the opportunity to experience something special.

      â??Thereâ??s not a lot of activities for people, kids, families to do after seven oâ??clock,â?? he said. â??I mean, it offers somebody a chance to see a unique aspect of Lake Superior that they donâ??t normally get a chance to see.â??

      â??Any tourist coming through here, anyone camping or doing whatever coming through here, itâ??s definitely worth it,â?? Bresette said.

      The cruises are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings. For more information, call (906) 289-4437.