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      Superior Extrusion Inc. plans to expand

      For fifteen years Superior Extrusion has provided customers with aluminum products. Now they are in the process of getting a building permit to expand their facilities.

      Production Supervisor, Dennis Boyle says there's not enough space. "We are just currently so crammed in small quarters, with so many people, with so much equipment, being right next to each other. To have the ability to have everybody spread out, it's just going to be a lot safer environment to work in every day," said Boyle.

      The maintenance building also serves as the fabrication area where some of the aluminum gets made. Superior Extrusion plans to convert it to just the fabrication building. The new maintenance facility will go in an empty lot, it will be ten thousand square feet.

      The expansion is estimated to cost a million dollars, but they expect to see that double in revenue within the next two years.

      Dan Amberg, the CEO says a higher demand of customers who desire more services is one factor that is driving the changes. "We have more customers now, and more of them are asking for things other than just extrusion aluminum. They are asking us to put holes in them, cut it, maybe weld it. So we need more space and equipment for that," said Amberg.

      That means they will also be hiring. About ten more people will be needed to operate the new equipment.

      Robin Ross, a Production Supervisor says they are excited for the changes. "I've been through one expansion since I've been here and now moving in to getting another expansion for this maintenance department. I'm just so excited for the future of Superior Extrusion. We have been here for a while and plan on being here for a whole lot longer," said Ross.

      They hope to obtain the permit by the end of the month and plan on breaking ground sometime in August.