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      Superior Health Foundation celebrates one year

      The Superior Health Foundation celebrated their one year anniversary Tuesday. The foundation began around 2004 as the Marquette General Foundation. After Duke Lifepoint purchased MGH, the Superior Health Foundation moved out of the hospital to its new location on Front Street.

      They celebrated one year in that location Tuesday, where they work to secure grant money for health-related organizations in the area. Executive Director Jim LaJoie says the future of the foundation looks great.

      "It's been a very interesting year, filled with lots of excitement, building our board, getting our message, our mission vision out to the residents of the Upper Peninsula," said LaJoie. "I think the future looks exceedingly bright; within this next year, we're very hopeful that we'll be in a position now to start giving out grants."

      The Superior Health Foundation is also getting ready for their annual Gala, where they will be raising money for the Upper Peninsula Diabetes Outreach Network. You can find more on that story by clicking the link below.