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      Superior Health Partners is up and running

      Local leaders cheered as Bell Hospital and Marquette General Hospital C.E.O.s joined as Superior Health Partners in May. As of Thursday, the paperwork has been finalized, and Superior Health Partners is now official.

      Leaders of the effort believe it'll improve the quality of care for patients, and they're basing it off the Mayo Clinic model.

      "Wherever we have relationships with patients and physicians, they will be able to access our system through improved information technology clinical medical record at the hospitals and an electronic medical record in the physician TMs offices of the new Superior Health Partners," said Superior Health Partners C.E.O. Gary Muller.

      It also means more jobs down the road, adding to the already 3,000 employees between Marquette General Hospital and Bell Hospital.

      Superior Health Partners will also cut down on competition. Before, the hospitals were competing for things like advertising, purchasing separate I.T. systems, and competitively recruiting physicians. With the new company, purchasing hospital materials can be done on a larger scale, cutting costs. Recruiting physicians will also be a joint effort.

      "It's very expensive to recruit physicians, is my understanding, said Amy Clickner of Lake Superior Community Partnership. So now if you are both working with resources to collaborate and bring in a doctor from an area, together you have more resources to do that and to retain them."

      And with those cost saving measures, Superior Health Partners is looking to employ more doctors.