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      Superior Splash wraps up

      Wednesday was the final day for the YMCA's Superior Splash event and kids had a special visit from the Marquette Fire Department. The Superior Splash set out with the goal of teaching every third grader in Marquette County how to swim. April 21-23 instructors taught kids the basics of swimming and water safety. Search and rescue members of the fire department showed some of the equipment used during water and ice rescues.

      "They seem to get the message about being safe around water, it was fun to do a swim lesson and get them bobbing and doing some of that but just the message that if they see somebody struggling they know to call a parent or if they see somebody in trouble they know not to get in the water with them and just the safe water practices," said Matt Williams Aquatic Director for the YMCA.

      After learning about the safety equipment the kids hopped in the pool to complete the three day lesson. The YMCA is looking to continue the Superior Splash program in the fall.