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      Superior String Alliance hosts summer music camp

      The Superior String Alliance is hosting their annual summer music camp at the U.P. Bible Camp in Little Lake.

      This year they've seen record participation.

      Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass students are learning their pieces.

      "I like how the music is challenging enough for me. So, it's not like too easy for me," said Hala Buchler.

      At the Superior String Alliance summer music camp it's all about the love of music.

      Every day students break out in small sectional's where they get more individualized instruction.

      Many say it helps them improve their techniques.

      "Rather than hold your shoulders up high go more into your Cello. It makes more not constrictive sounds," said Perry Truscon.

      After sectional's, all strings gather for orchestra rehearsal where groups can see how their pieces come together.

      "When you're in your sectional's you perfect it and you can play it with them easily. Then, you get in a bigger group and it's kind of hard, but you get used to it and it sounds a lot cooler," said Olivia Mattocks.

      Organizers say the number of students continues to grow. This year 77 kids are attending from elementary to high school grade levels.

      Currently, the high school students are at camp where they will spend six days training before putting on a final recital.

      "It's helped me in confidence like playing in front of people being able to like not mess up a lot and getting higher notes on the finger board," said Caitlin Buchler.