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      Superiorland Soccer tournament kicks off second day

      The Superiorland Soccer Association kicked off the second day of its 19th annual Dome Tournament at NMU's Superior Dome Saturday.

      The tournament is part of Superiorland Soccer's travel league, which is made up of 28 youth teams from Lower Michigan, Wisconsin, and of course the UP.

      In addition to the games, a little carnival was also set up for non-participating kids. A Superiorland official said the games fill the stands with family members out to see their athletes play.

      "There's a lot of grandparents and parents that come to watch their kids play. These are a lot of skilled soccer players, and its really a lot of fun to come watch them" said Janice Marchant.

      The tournament is holding its third day of matches tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.