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      Surfer in distress?

      When Jeremiah Baumann surfs in the Lake Superior waves, he says that's when he feels most at ease. But last Tuesday afternoon, his peaceful paddling was cut short.

      Jeremiah was paddling his surfboard at Presque Isle when the Marquette Police Department received a 911 call of someone in distress in the water.

      When an officer arrived at the Presque Isle breakwall, he waved Jeremiah in and told him of the call, asking Jeremiah to surf in a safer area instead.

      "My heart just sinks a little bit, because, I don't know, it's just a real sense of disappointment that it could turn into a mess with the police," said Baumann.

      With the numerous 2010 drownings that happened in Lake Superior, Marquette Chief of Police Mike Angeli said citizens have become increasingly aware of swimmers and people participating in water sports.

      So what are the safety standards citizens must adhere to when taking part in water sports?

      "During the summer months, when the beaches are open, we have some very specific laws and rules that pertain to protecting the swimmer. When it comes to kayakers, surfers, they're a little higher risk activities, and they know what they're doing, technically or theoretically, and we allow them a little more leeway," said Angeli.

      "I hope people recognize that when there's surfers out, it's not, we're not in immediate danger just because we're in the water," Baumann said.ã??