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      Suspect dead after police chase

      A high speed police chase and shooting in Alger County ends with the suspect dead.

      This afternoon Michigan State Police held a press conference, explaining what happened last night.

      "Yesterday there was a report of an altercation in Christmas and that an Individual had left the scene and was highly intoxicated," said Lt. Cunningham.

      At around 5:30p.m., a Munising city officer identified an individual in his vehicle who left the scene of that altercation.

      In today's press conference, MSP First Lt. Gregory Cunningham identified the deceased victim as 47-year-old Timothy Mitchell from Alger County.

      Authorities are not releasing the officer's name.

      Cunningham says when the lone officer tried to make a traffic stop, Mitchell led the officer on high speed pursuit through Munising to Buckhorn road off of H-13 in Wetmore.

      According to officials, the suspect's car crashed on Buckhorn Road.

      "There was not an exchange of gunfire. There was gunfire, an officer shooting. That investigation is continuing into the circumstances surrounding that," said Cunningham.

      Cunningham says the officer shot the suspect, but there's no information on when and how many times the suspect was shot.

      After the shooting, the officer called for back up from the Alger County Sheriff's Department and Michigan State Police. That was about 15 minutes after the initial chase.

      Cunningham says the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

      An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death and whether or not Mitchell was intoxicated.

      MSP are investigating the incident, and the circumstances surrounding the original altercation in Christmas.

      "Our condolences go out to the deceased and his family, to the officer, the city of Munising, the police department here as we move forward through this incident," said Cunningham.

      After the investigation is concluded the results will be handed over to the Alger County Prosecutor.

      Currently, the officer involved in the incident is on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete.