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      Suspect shot after police chase ends


      A shooting Monday night in Alger County leaves one man shot and authorities still investigating.

      The shooting was between Munising City Police and a suspect believed involved in a type of domestic violence incident.

      The suspect was shot. His condition is unknown.

      Authorities Monday night say police were aware of the incident and were looking for the suspect and his vehicle. When Munising Police found him, the suspect fled in his vehicle and they pursued him.

      The chase came to an end, east of Munising on Buckhorn Road off of H-13. That's when the shooting occurred.

      Details are still sketchy. Law enforcement from Alger County, including Michigan State Police, are still on the scene.

      Detectives from the Michigan State Police Negaunee post and Gladestone post were on the scene as of midnight, as well as an accident reconstructionist.

      TV6 had a reporter in the area. However, they were kept behind a barricade, far from the scene.

      Michigan State Police have set a press conference for 1 p.m. Tuesday at the Munising City Police Department.


      A developing story in Alger County Monday night.

      Police have exchanged gunfire with the driver of a vehicle in Alger County following a police chase. It began late Monday afternoon.

      It started when police responded to a domestic violence incident. Michigan State Police say the suspect fled and a police chase ensued. The suspect crashed the vehicle on the Buckhorn Road off of H-13.

      Police say there was an exchange of gunfire. The suspect was injured. It's not clear if the injury was the result of the accident or the gunfire. It's also unknown if the suspect is in custody at this time.

      TV6's Jerry Tudor is near the scene. He's not able to get closer as the area has been blocked by officials.

      We'll have more information as it becomes available.