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      Suspicious backpack traced to Ironwood man

      Police released new information Tuesday about a suspicious backpack that was found next to the Gogebic Taconite office in Hurley, Wisconsin Saturday. Police say it was left behind by a very intoxicated Ironwood man who couldn't remember where he put it.

      The backpack was wedged between the front wall of the office and a newspaper vending machine. Police weren't taking any chances because of the controversy involving pro-mining advocates and environmental groups. A congressman also had a town hall meeting scheduled at a nearby restaurant.

      The Marathon/Oneida County bomb squad responded to the scene and x-rayed the backpack. It did not contain an explosive device.

      The name of the Ironwood man was found on documents inside the backpack. When questioned by police, he admitted owning the backpack and leaving it in Hurley the night before. He also stated he did not notify police because the backpack contained a small amount of illegal drugs. The man's name is not being released pending further investigation.