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      Sustainability plan for Third Street corridor

      Marquette's Third Street is looking to grow and set itself apart. The Gibbs Planning Group revealed Tuesday morning their plan on how to make the street sustainable.

      All parties with an interest in the project gathered at the Marquette Commons.

      After months of data analysis and working with the community, the Third Street Sustainable Development plan keeps Third Street's aesthetic charm without doing any major reconstruction.

      "I would love to be able to see it become more quaint, more pedestrian friendly," said Kim L'Huillier.

      The plan improves safety, accessibility and enhances growth along the one-mile corridor. A bike lane will be added as a way to get bikers off the sidewalks and also to slow the traffic down.

      "Better curb cuts, better ramping. Small things like doorbells on private businesses, better lightning. That way we can make it more accessible for all ages and abilities," said Robert Gibbs.

      The plan also includes readjusting the parking which will nearly double the amount of parking spots. Sidewalks will not be widened unless a new building is added; then it would be pushed back five feet.

      Any redevelopment will be asked to have 60 percent clear glass windows on the first floor which will attract pedestrians.

      "Reconfiguring the parking spaces, allowing for outdoor seating and dining--those things are kind of high impact and you also get high returns on your dollars," said Dennis Stachewicz, Director, Downtown Planning and Community Development.

      The complete plan is available through the Downtown Development Authority. Residents are encouraged to give feedback.

      The final draft will be presented to the city planning commission before the end of the year.

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