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      Sweets and fats out of school menus

      New rules may be underway that would ban greasy and sugary foods from the schools' lunch menu.

      The Department of Agriculture is proposing new rules that would replace sugary sweets and beverages with healthier alternatives. The USDA is proposing fat calorie sugar and sodium limits on almost all foods that would be served in the school cafeterias.

      "I would be all for it! I have a 13-year-old daughter who goes to school, and she wishes that the lunches were healthier. She says sometimes they're too greasy, and she'd rather have salad," said Negaunee resident, Amy Wagner.

      "I think that kids deserve to have the options for healthy foods in school. Weight problems are a big issue these days," said Justin Czenkus of Negaunee.

      Schools and any critics of the new proposal will have 60 days to comment and suggest changes before the USDA writes the final rule. If it passes, it would be in place by the 2014 school year.