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      Symetra Golf Tournament opens this weekend in Harris

      The Symetra Tour, the road to the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), is in the Upper Peninsula for this weekend's Championship Golf Tournament at the Sweetgrass Golf Course in Harris.

      The professional female golfers visited the Escanaba YMCA to meet with young children and teach them the sport of golf as part of their 'Outside the Ropes' tradition.

      Stephanie Connelly, a professional golfer who will be competing in the Island Resort Championship at Sweetgrass, said, "We spend alot of time practicing, and when we come into the communities, it's nice to give back a little bit of our time for everyone that comes out and watches us. We have such a great fan base, and it's nice to come and spend some time with the kids."

      The women's golf tour continues its 33rd competition season with its 8th tour in Harris, MI starting Friday, June 28 and ending on Sunday, June 30. There are 15 tournaments on the Symetra tour this year. The top ten winners will go on to the LPGA.