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      Systems Control still going strong after 50 years

      Itâ??s a resource we use each and every day. Electricity. And while electricity may be something we often take for granted, for Systems Control in Iron Mountain, it's the very blood that runs through their manufacturing veins.

      â??Weâ??re intimately involved with the electrical utility business, primarily with the transmission and distribution portion of it,â?? said Executive Vice President, Al Bloniarz.

      They make control panels and substations used in places, such as power plants, helping to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

      â??It prevents it from what's called 'cascading'. It was not many years ago we had the â??blackoutâ?? and so ultimately, one of the protection and control panels stopped the blackout from cascading further across North America,â?? Bloniarz said.

      Systems Control is a 243,000 square foot facility, and they're part of Northern Star Industries, which also includes BOSS Snowplow. At Systems Control, they pride themselves in the fact that everything is manufactured under one roof.

      â??We will create a packet of wires to a panel,â?? said wiring supervisor, Josh Villringer. â??We watch that we're consistent in that wiring. As you can imagine, it's very important that our panels function properly so that you always have electricity in your house.â??

      They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, and some of the employees have been here for quite awhile.

      â??Thirty plus years,â?? said Mike Lehto, leadman. â??When I first started, there were only about 13 of us in the wiring section, and I think we're at over 100 now, so it's been a lot of growth.â??

      â??At the end of the day, it's the people part, our greatest asset that makes the difference,â?? Bloniarz said. â??Going forward; that's an area we really are focusing on, to bring people to the area that can help us grow.â??