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      Tainted treats leaves poor pooch sick

      An Upper Michigan pet owner spent thousands in veterinary bills after feeding her dog Pet Shoppe Jerky Treats.

      "I just don't want another dog to get sick from eating this," stated Lynn Deloria, a Kingsford resident. "Iâ??ll never buy it again."

      In August, Gina Marie, a six-year-old chihuahua mix, was kept in intensive care for six days. There she received a three-page long list of medical treatments totaling over $8,000. The Deloria family said it didn't take long for veterinarians at Fox Valley Animal Referral Center to conclude jerky treats were the cause.

      "They pretty much figured it out after day one at Fox Valley," Lynn said. "Hearing she had jerky and then the illnesses that resulted from it, the symptoms that came from that."

      The Delorias contacted Walgreens and the company manufacturing the treats, asking they be removed from store shelves, but the family said they're still up for purchase in Walgreens.

      Travelers Insurance, the company insuring Rhode Island Textile Company, the Pet Shoppe Brand Manufacturer, sent a letter to the Delorias in response to their claim. In it the company writes:

      "There has been no link ever found by the FDA or any other outside organization connecting the consumption of our insured's product to sick dogs. You had two dogs eat the same treats and only one became sick. There has been no evidence to show that your dog was made sick by our product."

      Common symptoms being reported to the FDA by pet owners include:

      * Loss of appetitie* Vomiting* Kidney problems

      According to the FDA, another pet owner reported these same symptoms in 2012 whose dog also consumed the Pet Shoppe brand. In the complaint, the owner says the dog "quit eating, started to vomit and had diarrhea with blood. Since discontinuing the use of chicken jerky, the dog appears to have made a full recovery."

      Since 2007, the FDA has linked illnesses from jerky treats to 3,600 dogs and 10 cats with a number of those animals dying as a result (580). After 1,200 tests done by FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine in China manufacturing plants, the reason behind the illnesses is still unknown. Theyâ??re turning to pet owners to help find a cause and urge them to make a report if their pet has been found sick.

      As for Gina Marie, she now will live the rest of her life taking multiple medications daily.

      "Please take the Made in China jerky treats off your shelves," Lynn urged. "And if you love your dogs, don't feed it â??Made in Chinaâ?? treats."

      We contacted Rhode Island Textile Company, the manufacturer of Pet Shoppe, but did not receive a comment. We reached out to Walgreens for a comment as well, and they responded.

      "We take product safety very seriously, and for that reason, we continue to closely monitor regulatory and scientific guidance on this topic, including that of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration," said Phil Caruso, Walgreens Media Relations.A full list of consumer complaints to the FDA can be found by clicking here. If you need to report a complaint about Jerky Treats, click here.