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      Take a tour through the history of Marquette

      The Marquette Regional History Center is taking visitors to the historic sites of Marquette.

      The 90-minute narrated tours bring the rich history of the area to life with the help of volunteers from the museum. Sites like Peter White's house, Picnic Rocks, and Ripley's Rock tell the stories of Marquette's past.

      "You can learn so much about Marquette by just going on this short tour," said History Center Coordinator Betsy Rutz. "The history, from decades and decades of people settling here, you can meet lots of founders of the area and the city, and those characters are rich and wonderful folks filled with stories."

      There are more tours scheduled for July 18 and 25. The cost is $12, and for more information on the Marquette Regional History Center and the tours, check out this link.