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      Taking a little break from school

      It's not often students get to go to a carnival at school, but that's exactly what students at Aspen Ridge Elementary did Friday. Students had plenty of games and activities to keep them busy and use a little energy on a snowy day.

      The Parent Teacher Organization hosts the annual Spring Carnival that is free to all of the school's students. Money for the carnival was raised through student fundraisers.

      "We hold it once a year in between Christmas Break and Spring Break as a little fun activity for the students to come out and have a good time. All of the kids look forward to it every year. They ask when is carnival? It's just fun, they can let loose and be kids," said volunteer, Tania Harsila.

      The event is held during school hours so all students are able to attend.

      Aspen Ridge's Spring Carnival would not be possible without volunteers helping out with the festivities.