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      Taking a look at 906 Technologies

      A U.P. company is recognized as one of the top 50 companies to watch in Michigan. Since opening in 2005, 906 Technologies has worked with thousands of clients.

      906 Technologies a company that offers commercial and residential I.T. services and software solutions. They've been named one of the 50 companies to watch in Michigan.

      "Recognition is great, statewide recognition, but we also offer services nationally. So it's also a national recognition," said Lee Francisco, CEO.

      They do everything from fixing your laptop to software solutions like web development. Over the last eight years, they gained thousands of clients including the City of Marquette.

      With a large staff in eight different departments and more than a hundred computers using the same network, the City of Marquette turned to 906 Technologies for network support and an upgrade of their servers.

      "If we have a failure of that sort, 906 will step in, will respond very quickly, troubleshoot the problem, and replace the equipment," said Dan Frederickson, I.T. Director, City of Marquette.

      The company is also working on a project for the city's water system.

      "We're going to create a new network to segment away from the older one, which will help them manage the network a lot easier and also enhance the privacy of the operations from potential hackers," Francisco said.

      906 Technologies continues to grow nationally, working with top insurance companies, but they are looking to continue to stay in the Upper Peninsula.