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      Taking flight

      It's been an ongoing project for the past four years. Chapter 1270 of the EAA has been meeting every Friday afternoon to work on the two-seater Kitfox plane.

      The nearly $15,000 aircraft comes in thousands of parts that need to be assembled. But the goal of the EAA is simple: get those interested in aviation together and introduce a younger generation to the sport of flying.

      "Other aspects, though, is that the pilot population is steadily disappearing. Young kids are in front of the TVs and computers and they're not up in the air or going to the airport and kicking tires. So part of the EAA mission is to get young people interested in aviation so that we have a new generation growing up that'll start flying," explained Chapter 1270 President Doug Mckenzie.

      And according to members, the best way to get interested and learn is by doing.

      "It really gives you a thorough understanding of how planes are constructed--the flight dynamics, the integral parts of the plane. I've been a pilot for probably 20 years, and I'm learning something everyday," described Bruce Woodry.

      But the plane isn't ready for flight just yet. So far, fabric work has been completed and the motor has been mounted, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

      "We have to get the instrument panel. We have to get all the rigging. We have to paint. We have many odds and ends with door panels and wheel skirts and windshield assembly. We have a lot to do still," said Ed Schneiderhan.

      This plane is part of Ed's dream of becoming a pilot. By building this plane, he'll be able to realize his goal in the very near future.