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      Taking that step to high school

      The MSHS class of 2017 got a tour of Marquette Senior High School.

      Over 230 eighth graders spent over three hours learning all about what high school will be like next year. Teachers from the high school gave guided tours, and students even got a chance to sit inside their future classrooms. Current students also gave information about the different clubs and activities offered in school.

      "I'm just excited to be here. I've been here every now and then for orchestra things, a singing thing once in a while, but never really to understand that I'm going to be going here next year for school. I'm just really excited and a little nervous," said eighth grader, Perry Truscon.

      The Marquette Senior High administration says the eighth grade orientation helps students better transition into high school, and the visit also helps ease the stress or anxiety of going to a new school.