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      Taking the back roads

      Bikers were up early Sunday morning to participate in the 12th Annual Delta County Century Ride.

      A little rain didn't stop people from pedaling their way across scenic routes in Gladstone. The Delta County Century Bike Ride starts at Gladstone Area High School.

      "Just being out riding my bike in the fall," said Shawn Boyle.

      Participants choose from four different routes: a 13k, 40k, 78k or the longest, 100k. The Brinkmans, a mother-daughter team, are riding the 13k and it's not the first time they've participated.

      "It's fun. I live in Delta county. I like to support the chamber. You see a lot of beautiful roads that you don't normally get a chance to go on. It's just a good event and lots of fun; lots of friends you meet along the way," said Gayle Brinkman.

      "I really like being able to do it with my mom. She actually got me into biking. She's alot better than me at biking, so it kind of motivates me to keep going," said Megan Brinkman.

      So along the route, bikers can stop at any rest area. Each location has healthy snacks catered by a local restaurant.

      Officials say it's also an opportunity to showcase local eateries.

      "We have different rest stops along the route. We have Papa Murphy's, Dobbers Pasty, Schaffer Ice in Schaffer; so people can ro around and bike and have wonderful food at all the stops," said Sheila Krueger.

      More than 200 people came out for the ride.