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      Tall ships set sail

      Thanos Economides was just 14 when his father approached him with the idea of chartering a boat.

      "I didn't know what to think at first, but I was eager to just try anything. So we got the boat, and as the years went on, I started to get more and more attached. And now, I know this is definitely what I want to do with my life," said Economides.

      Now, Thanos is the Coaster II 's First Mate, his father, Niko, the captain, and his brother, Cyrus, the helmsman.

      The Coaster II is a historic ship, almost 80 years old! It's been through a series of captains, and each captain has recorded almost everything about the ship.

      But the Coaster II wasn't the only ship anchored in Marquette's Lower Harbor. There were a few more around for on-lookers and those who wanted a tour.

      "Well, we were just going for a walk this morning and saw the ships, and we came to check them out. They're beautiful. They're amazing. They're huge!" said Joe Hiss, who's visiting the U.P. from California.

      Thanos, Cyrus, and Niko, along with their crew member, Michael, charter their ship from mid-July to mid-August, depending on weather, and their sailing schedule is very flexible.

      When asked what his favorite part about sailing is, Thanos had this to say:

      "The history. I like the history. I could be on a motor boat, but it wouldn't be as much fun; but I could be on a motor boat and I would still enjoy it, as long as it was historical," Economides said.

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