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      Tanning salon closes, cites 'tan tax' as culprit

      Utopia Tanning in Marquette has announced it's going out of business.

      The business closed its doors for the last time on Saturday after 16 years of operation in the Marquette area. The attorney for Utopia says financial setbacks in the tanning industry due to the federal "tan tax" are one of the main reasons behind the closure.

      The "tan tax" is a 10 percent tax added to tanning salons or salons like Utopia that offered predominantly tanning services. The owners of Utopia were forced to eat the fee so they weren't at a competitive disadvantage.

      "If they had to add the 10 percent on for tanning then the net cost to the customer would be greater at Utopia than at other places that offer tanning that don't have to pay the tax," said attorney Timothy Quinnell.