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      Tanzanian singers visit Gwinn High School

      Gwinn High School had some unique visitors on African choir group.

      The singers are a long way from their home, the city of Dar Salam, Tanzania. They're in Marquette for three weeks, guests of Messiah Lutheran Church, for a cultural, musical and spiritual exchange.

      "Experiencing this wonderful environment," says Garbiel Mtitu, one of the Tanzanian visitors. "Most of the people here in Marquette are very kind and warm."

      A teacher who knew the group would be in Marquette invited them to Gwinn High School. Students not only saw them perform but were able to speak with the group about their culture and customs.

      "I think one thing that really stood out is that they've never seen snow until they came here," says Josie Woodruff, 12, a sixth grader.

      "We got to see what they do in Africa," says Nathan Belonga, 12, another sixth grader.

      Something Kristy Gollakner will get to see for herself when she goes to Tanzania with 15 other science teachers.

      "Our purpose there is to be immersed in the science that we teach so that way we can bring that back to them and bring that science alive for them," says Gollakner.

      The choir group will make stops in Hancock and Iron Mountain before heading back to Africa.