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      Tattoo shop making its mark on the community

      "Pretty much everything we see that's advertised or anything we can get involved in, we try to. We just want to be as much involved in the community as we can," said Justin Gahn, Owner & Tattoo Artist at New Age Tattoo.

      And he's not exaggerating.

      Over the past year, when Gahn took over New Age Tattoo and Body Piercing, the shop's been involved in a number of charities, benefits, and the like.

      "It makes me feel good because I love tattooing and this is the community I tattoo in, so if I'm helping them out, I feel they're helping me out as well," said William Hawkins, Tattoo Artist at New Age Tattoo.

      It's been great being a part of New Age so far. I just moved here a couple months ago. So I didn't know much about the Marquette community until I started working at New Age. New Age has given me an awesome opportunity to meet so many people to meet other local businesses, and to help with great causes in the community so I'm really appreciative," said Cara Parrish, Promotions Specialist for New Age Tattoo.

      The shop has two new benefits coming up soon.

      On Friday, May 9th, New Age is running a special all day to benefit the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter.

      All flash tattoos will be discounted to $30 apiece.

      100 percent of the proceeds will go to UPAWS.

      "I feel like if we can help everyone with their benefits and charities and stuff, whether it be donating time, a helping hand, gift certificates to be raffled off, anything we can do to help, it's going to be huge."

      But it doesn't stop there.

      Saturday, May 17th is Armed Forces Appreciation Day.

      The shop is offering a 20 percent discount to anybody who comes in for a tattoo or piercing with military ID that day.

      And there's more!

      "This coming Monday we're actually meeting with the Beacon House in town here just to tour the facility and see what we can do to help."

      To contact New Age Tattoo & Body Piercing, visit them on Facebook,Twitter, email them at, call them at (906) 228-9834, or stop in their shop on Third Street. They're open Monday through Saturday noon to 8p.m.