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      Tax break for landowners

      There are some new programs rolling out in Michigan. One of them is a new tax program where landowners who own forested property can get a tax break. The other is a certification program for non-industrial private landowners.

      Landowners in Delta and Schoolcraft counties can request someone to look over their property. They'll provide their expertise on forestry, natural resources, and environmental issues at no cost. But there's a qualification. Before you enroll in the programs, you must have a forest management plan written for your property.

      "Now those plans are fairly expensive. They're done through the private sector. But there's a golden window of opportunity right now to be able to sign up for a program that will actually give you the money to have that plan read. So that deadline is coming up very fast. It'll be the fourteenth of January," said Rory Mattson, Director of the Delta County Conservation District.

      Anyone interested on getting help with the process should contact the conservation district at (906) 553-7700.