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      Tax season preps

      Filing your federal income taxes can be challenging. Some of the most common mistakes made are mathematical errors, not using the right forms, and not filling out all the areas.

      It's a good idea to get your taxes filed with a licensed tax preparer. You will need your W2 forms, mortgage interest statements, a copy of last year's tax return, personal documentations, any earned income statements, to name a few.

      Certified Public Accountant Patrick Thomson says be clear with your deductions.

      "Simply do your returns honest and accurately because the IRS knows. They have algorithms to know where your expenses and deductions should be based on your income," said Patrick Thomson.

      Tax officials say the easiest way to avoid errors is submitting taxes online, and you can receive your returns faster.

      Some deductions you may qualify for are charitable donations, vehicle registration and tax preparation fees.

      However, some seniors who are not working may qualify for more.

      "They will benefit if they qualify for a home heating homestead tax credit. That way they will get some money, either in their pocket or to help pay for their home heating bill," said Vickie Bullcok, Marquette Senior Center.

      AARP volunteers will be available from February through March at the Senior Center in Marquette. If you're a senior, make an appointment ahead of time.