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      Tea shop in Negaunee offers tea time charm

      In today's society, being on the go and coffee drinking go hand-in-hand, but one local tea shop aims to preserve the art of tea time.

      Hanna's Tea Times in Negaunee is a quaint and cozy tea house dedicated to celebrating the charm of tea time. The tea shop carries the highest qualities and grades of teas which are imported from all over the world, including places like Kenya, India and Malawi.

      Owner, Mary Hanna Ockerman, hopes the event of having tea with a group of friends and family will be carried out to future generations.

      "I wanted to open a tea room for, one, to spread the word about how wonderful tea is for you, and to bring in the ambiance of having tea with friends and family and taking the time to just relax," said Ockerman.

      Hanna's Tea Time does cater tea parties, as well as hosts private afternoon teas and tea tasting events.

      For more information on the shop, visit the Hanna's Tea Times website.