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      Teacher uses Twitter to update students

      @mrperrysclass . It's a twitter name many students in Mr. Perry's fourth grade class know very well.

      Since 2009, Mr. Perry has implemented Twitter in and out of the classroom to keep his students and their parents updated on assignments.

      "We use Twitter to give homework assignments and update our schedule. The kids fill out planners at the end of the day, but sometimes they can be inaccurate or they can have small mistakes, so this is my way of speaking directly to the parents," said Brian Perry.

      For students like Keagan and Alyssa, they both agree that Mr. Perry's updates are helpful especially when they're at home.

      Math: p 71 1-20. We finished WR News in class. Everyone gets an A. Make sure you have 7 logs done for Monday, especially if you were absent.

      â?? Mr. Perry's Class (@mrperrysclass) October 26, 2012

      "Sometimes my mom goes on it to check the assignments," said Keagan Laufenberg.

      "I get my mom and she checks Twitter, and she says, 'Do you have this done and are you going to do this tomorrow?'" said Alyssa Mitchell.

      Many teachers are now keeping up with technology, and Mr. Perry says using Twitter has been very beneficial to his class.

      "At the start of the year, I send a letter home to tell the parents go online and check it out and write the down the secret message. So if they write the secret message down, I know they've been to the site and hopefully they see that it's very easy to use, and I got about two-thirds participation at the start of the year, so I feel like it's going really well," Perry said.

      Even if students are absent, they can log on to Twitter to catch up on what they've missed.

      With 70 followers, Mr. Perry says he tweets three to four times a day.