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      Teachers become students at Michigan Tech

      A group of middle school and high school teachers from around Michigan and Indiana have the tables turned at Michigan Tech where they're taking on the role of students for the week.

      The Great Lakes Teachers Institute is a program designed to help teachers learn more about our Great Lakes so they can teach their students about it as well.

      The teachers learned about water conservation and ecology through various field trips and hands-on activities. They took an in-depth look at water properties and ecosystems along the Great Lakes as well.

      The teachers say they are lifelong learners that want to improve the classroom experience for their students.

      â??If you mimic the same activities that your students are going to be doing, you'll know how they feel when they're doing the activities,â?? said Christine Kelly, science teacher from Allendale Middle School in Allendale, Michigan. â??I think any teacher, when you're teaching science, can appreciate that the more senses you engage, the more you're going to understand it and remember it and appreciate it.â??

      The teachers continue their lessons Thursday around campus by learning about frogs in Lake Perrault, and will be given a demonstration of underwater vehicles on Friday.