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      Teachers rally against right-to-work

      Teachers at Negaunee's Lakeview Elementary made a stand against Michigan becoming a right-to-work state Monday. The Michigan House and Senate passed the controversial legislation last Thursday.

      Protests popped up across Michigan as early as last Friday. Monday, teachers and staff in Negaunee gathered for a rally in the hopes that Governor Rick Snyder will not sign the bill.

      "I absolutely disagree with the right-to-work legislation. It's not going to help Michigan, it's going to pit worker versus worker," said Marius Grazulis, President of the Negaunee Teachers Union. "Some workers will leave the unions, and people paying for the unions are going to take that personally."

      The legislation would allow workers to work without paying union dues or joining the union. Governor Snyder has not yet signed the bill, although he has said he will. Michigan would become the 24th state with right-to-work laws.