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      Teachers, students get techy

      Our Facebook viewers wanted to know more about education and technology. What are some innovative tools educators have today?

      Two years ago students would dissect a frog in their science class. Now they can do it in a simulated lab on an iPad.

      "My son has a school-issued iPad," said Facebook fan Lisa Sutinen. "He really likes it, and it has instant information at this fingertips."

      At Munising High School, a special conference on technology gives teachers insight on different tools available for the classroom. A recent tool gaining momentum in education is an infrared microphone.

      "Classroom audio allows the teacher to talk in a normal voice and a consistent decibel level at the part of the student no matter where they're seated in the classroom so that their attention remains constant. There isn't that falloff as the teacher starts writing something on the white board or gets involved in something else," said David Buist, a classroom audio consultant with LightSpeed.

      T eachers spent the day at various sessions in the school, learning about technology.