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      Teachers tapping into technology

      With the recent bond passing in Breitung Township Schools, it's only a matter of time until Jacqueline Leiker's students are one-on-one with a tablet device. However, she's already been tapping into the potential that, she says, technology has to offer students.

      Mrs. Leiker says technology enables students to "learn in new ways." She believes there are "so many things we still teach in traditional ways that can be taught in a new, better way."

      Her classes spend all their time working on computers and even their own smart devices with web tools, allowing her students to study just about anything. She explains these new tools are making learning a new experience for her students.

      "One of the great things about technology is that it brings learning home, not just here in school," says Leiker. "They revolutionize education."

      Leiker expresses developing technology will "make it different than anything we've had before" and says "the kids love to learn when they're using tools that make it relevant to them."

      So far 600 public schools across the nation have implemented one-on-one smart technology and three are schools in the Upper Peninsula.

      Teachers, like Mrs. Leiker, believe it's only a matter of time before all schools realize the potential of smart technology.

      Kingsford Social Studies teacher Daniel Olkkonen also allows his students to bring in their smart devices and utilize them for current events.

      "I think when you have something that the kids are interested in, they really are engaged in what you're talking about," says Olkkonen.

      Olkkonen and Leiker are excited about the upcoming smart technology in their classrooms and hope other schools, pushing for their bonds, will be able to join them in taking advantage of what these devices have to offer.