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      Team Hannah, join the movement

      You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't speak highly of Hannah Swajanen.

      That's why when friends and family learned the 14 year-old was diagnosed with a brain tumor, they got the entire community involved by creating the support group, Team Hannah.

      "I think every body's gathering around for her because she deserves these people to be supporting her at this time." says, Sarah Reynolds, organizer of Team Hannah.

      The Swajanen family first learned of Hannah's tumor a few months back when she started having trouble with her hearing.

      "That never progressed or got any better, so we did bring her in to the doctor. He didn't see anything, you can't see anything when you do an examination from the ear" adds Derek Swajanen, Hannah's father.

      That doctor recommended Hannah to see a specialist for an MRI.

      What they found next was unnerving.

      Mr. Swajanen adds, "When they went and did he MRI, obviously that's when they found that it's a golf ball sized tumor."

      The Swajanen's immediately sought out the best treatment for their daughter, which meant surgery to remove the tumor.

      At this time doctors are uncertain whether or not Hannah's tumor is benign. They'll find out once the surgery begins, but the family says they have high hopes and Hannah is in good spirits.

      Her father says she's strong, "Her direct words were I'm glad that I'm the one that had it and she said it saved some other kid from having it".

      Team Hannah Swaj on Facebook was created three days ago and already has over 1300 likes.

      The group will hold a spaghetti dinner plus sell t-shirts to off set the family's cost of travel to The University of Michigan where Hannah will have surgery in June.

      They mostly they want to support a tough girl who's special to everyone.

      Spaghetti dinner details:

      The dinner will be held on April 30, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be $5.00.

      Tickets for the spaghetti dinner can be purchased at the Ore Dock, Hyde and Swajanen, or Das Steinhaus.

      Pick up times for shirts are below:

      T-shirts are $20 each.

      Saturday, April 26, from 5-7p.m. THE SUPERIOR DOME (front entrance/to right)Monday, April 28, from 5-7p.m. THE BERRY EVENTS CENTER (by elevators/topfloor)Tuesday, April 29, from 5-7p.m. ORE DOCK BREWERY (main level)If you need to make other arrangements, contact JoAnne Garrow