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      Tech students celebrate Keweenaw Day

      When the steam whistle blows, it's a sound many Michigan Tech students are familiar with. In fact, Michigan Tech says the earliest known record of this whistle being blown throughout campus goes all the way back to 1968.

      The steam whistle means all classes are dismissed at noon because Friday is Keweenaw Day, also known as K-Day.

      Once the students leave campus, they end up at McLain State Park in Hancock where they can enjoy music, food, and learn about all of the student organizations Tech has to offer.

      Brandon Cathey is a junior at Tech, but this is his first time participating in K-Day.

      "I definitely wanted to experience all that Tech had to offer, and I heard a lot of people talking about how it was definitely something to check out; something worthwhile to come to, and so far it's very alive and very exciting," said Cathey.

      Over 200 organizations from MTU are part of the event.

      "Most students, when they come up here, they don't realize how many different activities we actually have. We have an anime club. People who are interested in that wouldn't even know it existed if they didn't come to events such as this, and it gives students a way to meet new people," said Vice President of Undergraduate Student Government, Donnie Palmer.

      After checking out all of the student activities, Brandon says he's interested in joining Tech's Habitat for Humanity.