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      Tech students lend a helping hand

      Phyllis Kyro hasnâ??t seen the inside of her apartment since last Friday's fire on the fifth floor of Heritage Manor. With the help of Sophia, Christina, Alex and Jacob, Phyllis can finally retrieve her belongings.Before walking into her apartment, Phyllis talked about the items she wanted to retrieve."I'm hoping that I can take some of my clothes, my pictures, my Noah's Ark tapestry on the wall, my family pictures," said Kyro.One-hundred-forty Tech students and staff from the Division of Student Affairs volunteered their time to help the residents."The community here at Houghton is awesome, and we'd do anything to give back to them because they've given so much to us, and we're a very caring community, and we'd do anything to help out," said student Sophia Bainbridge.Wearing the required hard hats for safety, Tech students piled into the apartment complex and placed the residents' items into the designated areas.Phyllis says she's very grateful for the students help."I do have family, but hey, we're older and these young kids, they're just full of life. They are so sweet, and I could hug every one of them. I'll kiss you instead," Kyro said.Even though many of the residents have their belongings, they are unable to keep everything because of the extreme water and fire damage. But one thing that should be noted is the overwhelming support from the community.Residents are still in need of small kitchen appliances and furniture, like tables and lamps. All donations can be taken to Lakeview Manor at 1401 Quincy St. in Hancock.