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      Tech tuition takes jump

      While most Michigan Tech students are enjoying their summer vacation, they will see an increase in their tuition when they return this fall. The Michigan Tech Board of Control held a special meeting and approved the tuition increase. Non residents will see an increase of five percent. Graduate students will see an increase of six percent, and there will be a 3.9 percent increase for undergraduates. Michigan Tech says the average tuition for Michigan residents will be $14,448 which is an increase of $538 for the next school year.

      "There are some pretty big drivers that, I think, everybody is struggling with in both the private sector and the public sector, and that's the cost of health care, and that's a pretty big item. The other thing is that there has been a fair amount of financial aid, both at the state and federal level, that's been cut," said MTU President, Glenn Mroz.

      Officials say that even though state funding will increase $1.7 million this year, it still doesn't cover the increased cost of education. This is the lowest increase in eight years.