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      Ted Nugent talks guns, free speech, Michigan

      To his fans, he's Uncle Teddy. Musician, author, public speaker Ted Nugent was in Marquette Tuesday evening, speaking about what he calls 61 years of his clean and sober American Dream.

      "Certainly what is outlined in the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Golden Rule, the 10 Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, that's what always inspired me to simply get up early, work as hard as I can, be the best that I can be, and then take the deer season off!" said Nugent, who's an avid hunter.

      For those not interested in Nugent's "Kill it and Grill it" speech, across campus, an alternative event was going on: "Mythbusting, Sticks and Stones." It also attracted quite a crowd.

      "I think that Ted Nugent has absolutely every right to speak, and no matter who's speaking or what you're talking about, you are going to have people who disagree with what's going on. And this was just something for the people who disagree to come out and listen to and get involved with," said Kaylee Place, President of College Democrats at NMU.

      Back at the Berry, Nugent spoke on a host of issues, everything from gun rights to free speech to environmentalism. I was curious what he thinks about the current state of Michigan. He was, after all, born in Detroit.

      "It went from being one of the most proud, productive, wonderful states in the nation to becoming a laughing stock. The worst curse of mankind would be self imposed dependency. And unfortunately, Michigan is the poster child for that, and it breaks my heart," Nugent added.

      There were rumors in 2006 that Nugent was considering a run for the governorship. Four years later, now that Governor Granholm has reached her term limit, is there a chance we'll see a Governor Uncle Teddy?

      "I consult with my campaign manager on an hourly basis, and so far, Mrs. Nugent has not given me the green light."

      So don't be on the lookout for "Nugent 2010" posters. On the radar for "The Nuge," is a three-month tour with his band, a few speaking engagements, and a whole lot of hunting.