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      Teen creates cleaning station to stop invasive species

      A teen from Ironwood is preventing the spread of invasive species in the Wilderness Lakes Trail System.

      Final touches are what teens from Boy Scout Troop 323 are doing to complete this 'clean and maintenance' bike station. Sixteen-year-old Logan Jacisin created the station for his Eagle Scout project.

      "I'm pretty excited about it. I'm glad to have it done; it's been in the works for a long time, and it feels really great to finally see it come together," said Logan Jacisin.

      Logan came up with the project a year ago as a way to stop the spread of invasive weeds.

      "Biking is a big hobby for a lot of people. We thought if we could get them to clean their bikes off before going on the trails, we could get some of the seeds off their bikes and that would help them from spreading the species around," Jacisin explained.

      After hearing about an effort to rejuvenate the Oganikak Trail into a bike trail, he contacted the Ottawa National Forest about building a station where visitors can clean their bikes.

      Since then, he's been closely working with officials of the Ottawa National Forest and family to create a compact, efficient and waterless station.

      "Well, the work Logan has done getting this bike station developed is just a tremendous effort that will go a long way to helping prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species," said Norman Nass, District Ranger.

      There are two stations each with four bike racks, cleaning brushes, and maintenance items like an air pump and tools. The idea is to clean your bike before and after you use the trail.

      His mom says participating in the Scouts and doing projects like this builds character.

      "It teaches them skills to survive, not only in the wilderness, but as individuals in our world. It really helps develop and foster a sense of family, a sense community, and a sense of citizenship," said Cheryl Jacisin, mother.

      Logan hopes bikers will actually use the stations.