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      Teen suffers dog attack interrogation

      Police are recommending charges against two men after a teen was bound by the ankles, hung upside down on a porch and attacked by a pit bull as he was interrogated about a theft in Fond du Lac County.

      Sheriff's Lt. Cameron McGee says one of the men is the teen's father. McGee says the homeowner accused the 18 year old of theft and commanded his pit bull to attack the teen while the teen's father watched it the Town of Osceola residence, August 31.

      Authorities say the victim was then bound and hung from the porch rafters while the dog attacked again. McGee says the teen's father may have participated in the "interrogation" about the theft.

      The Fond du Lac Reporter (http://tinyurl.com/9anmesf ) says a third party arrived at the residence and called 911.