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      Teen with autism makes a difference in his community

      A teen from Ironwood, diagnosed with autism, is making a difference in his community. He's fixing the trails at Norrie Park for his Eagle Scout Project. The trails are getting rechipped.

      It's the efforts of 17-year-old Paul Garthwait, a teen with autism, who felt it needed to be done.

      "There was a lot of erosion here. It's a great place to walk, but people need to understand it needs to be taken care of as well," said Paul Garthwait.

      So he's doing it as an Eagle Scout project. He spent the last three months getting community support, organizing the project, and getting local companies to donate the chips.

      With a crew of at least a dozen from the ABR trails, Boy Scouts, city workers, friends, and family, they unloaded and spread the chips on a mile-and-a-half of trails.

      Paul's mom says knocking on doors and getting the community support was the most time-consuming, but Paul didn't back-down. She says he didn't let his disability get in the way.

      "Just stepping up, and it's like he finally went, okay I'm getting my Eagle. I'm a man. We are doing it this way, and that's just amazing to know that he can do that," said Diana Garthwait.

      For Paul, this wasn't just an Eagle Scout project. He says he wanted to send a message about people with autism.

      "I came out here, not only to get my Eagle Scout project done, but to prove to them that, while we are different, we can still do the same stuff others do," Garthwait said.